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Alias Design 2014


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Product Description

Power your creative process and improve efficiency from concept to development with a range of advanced sketching, modeling, surfacing, and visualization tools specially tailored for technical surfacing and class-A surfacing modeling.


Improve productivity and exercise more creative control with new features that help streamline workflows and enhance design capabilities. Autodesk Alias Design 2014 industrial design software allows you to:

Save time when modeling objects with repetitive elements like grills, speakers, wheels, and more with a new array tool that creates an array of objects (linearly or radially) from duplicates of an original set.

Increase efficiency by eliminating repetitive design tasks like spacing and copying objects with new a path array tool that duplicates objects and places them at equal distances along one or more curves, producing a “stitching pattern” effect.

Enjoy a more intuitive interface with new enhancements to preferences and workspaces that help with organization of windows, settings for tool and marking shelves, and more.


System Requirements

Windows® 8 x64, Windows 7 x32 and x64, or Apple® Mac OS® X 10.7.x or 10.8 operating system

2 GHz Intel® or equivalent AMD Opteron™ processor

2 GB RAM minimum memory (4 GB or more highly recommended)

Disk space requirements

For Autodesk® Alias® Automotive software: 6 GB free hard disk space

For Autodesk® Alias® Surface software: 4 GB free hard disk space

For Autodesk® Alias® Design software: 4 GB free hard disk space

Supported NVIDIA® or ATI graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB dedicated texture memory[1]

Wacom® graphics tablet for sketching

.NET 4.0 framework

Three-button mouse

Autodesk Alias Design 2014 Full Commercial Version (This is full version software and IS NOT academic or upgrade)



by Anthony Marrazzo
Date Added:  2017-04-09 12:21:27

" no problems getting the software download quick product as expected"

Date Added:  2017-06-11 10:33:55

" Nice product & service! Highly recommended!"

by Jack Pruski
Date Added:  2017-06-18 08:54:28

" I am impressed beyond belief at the quality, efficiency, and professionalism of your service. "

by Anthony Marrazzo
Date Added:  2017-06-03 08:47:23

" is superb and goes beyond basic instructions. The product downloaded fine but I had install issues that were my fault. I contacted your help desk and the response was immediate and perfect. I asked for a special favor because of that and you allowed me to do it which was incredible."

by Antonio Cardano
Date Added:  2017-07-11 07:47:43

" All companies should be run like yours and i am surprised to do business with you. Thank you a lot."

by Thomas LePage
Date Added:  2017-07-06 05:48:44

" You were courteous as you helped me get the software I needed. "

by Cody Douglas
Date Added:  2017-07-16 05:52:25

" absolutely what we've always needed.Alias Design 2014 installed seamlessly thank you"

by Brandon Dole
Date Added:  2017-06-03 01:45:57

" amazing service,quick download. I was a bit sceptical initially to buy the software but afterwards, I am really glad I did."

by Kathryn Piotrowski
Date Added:  2017-04-16 09:31:52

" Great website with great software at good prices.I will be buying more from you in the future! Great prices and excellent support."

by earl powell
Date Added:  2017-04-05 12:50:40

" Easy to use and I was up and running within moments. i will buy more Autocad products from you in the future."

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