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Alias Surface 2015


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Product Description

Industrial design and Class-A surfacing software

Alias® industrial design software powers your creative process with a range of sketching, modeling, surfacing, and visualization tools. Create compelling surface designs with Digital Prototyping tools tailored for industrial design, automotive design, and product design. Get advanced capabilities, from initial concept sketch to development of production-ready Class-A surfaces.


Concept design & product modeling

Revolve tool enhancements

The Barrel and Helix tools are now grouped under a Side Glass surface type.

Skin tool enhancements

Enhanced Bezier surface quality for segmented rail curves. Proportional Crown has also improved to choose direction and adjust the surface crown.

Form Factor included in Freeform Blend tool

The Freeform Blend tool now includes Form Factor for better shape matching.

Capture and communicate concept design ideas freehand without switching applications.

Flexible product modeling

Experiment with ideas in shape and form and pursue innovative solutions to your design challenges.

Dynamic shape modeling

Experiment with shapes at any stage of the design process.

Array tool

Create arrays of objects based on an original set of objects.

Duplicate objects around curves

The Path Array tool duplicates objects around curves into “stitch patterns”.

Advanced Skin tool controls

In addition to NURBS, Bezier, and explicit control, Proportional Crown raises the midpoint of the surface, providing exceptional flexibility for concept or technical surfacing.

3D sculpting

Refine your 3D models through an intuitive, iterative process. Evolve design concepts from idea to reality.

Automated surface creation and editing

Accellerate the design of precision surfaces.

Design communication & product visualization

Completely VRED-compatible

VRED 3D visualization software users view Alias geometry with realistic materials and environments.

Interactive product visualization

Quickly evaluate design options with real-time interactive product visualization in Alias software.

Compelling photorealistic renderings

Use product visualization for photorealistic renderings in print, video, animation, or interactive presentations.

Alias has a full set of annotation tools and full-screen capability.

Convenient data exchange

Exchange your design data with mechanical design and engineering software, such as Inventor and AutoCAD, using the DWG™ format.

Surface modeling & Class-A surfacing

Enhanced Profile tool

Rotate or slide a profile to touch a curve or surface with the updated Profile tool.

3D Surface Array tool

Create arrays across surfaces in multiple directions with the enhanced Surface Array tool.

Enhanced Align tool

Align now includes multiple improvements, including Center Original options.

VRED NURBS surface analysis

High-quality surface analysis using native spline definitions for better accuracy.

Precision surface modeling

Create production surfaces with speed and control with Alias software.

Automated surface creation and editin

Accellerate the design of precision surfaces.

Multicurve profile input

The Profile tool helps you design multicurve input for the profile, which can then be swept along a single- or multiple-path curve.

Surface trimming and screen management

Trim, divide, and trim convert tools support intersections and give you surface trimming control.

Efficient Multi-Surface Fillet tool

Streamlined selection improvements from Form Factor make the Surface Fillet and Symmetric Fillet tools faster.

Intelligent Form Factor capability

The tool defines the ratio of the length of the innermost CV arms to the length of the outer (tangent) arms of the hull in the V direction of the fillet.

Multiple profile set inputs

The Profile tool enables multiple profile sets as inputs to the tool.

Align tool and Nurbs to Bezier

Efficient Align tool, Transform CV, and Nurbs to Bezier support.

Surface analysis

Light Tunnel

Create linear reflections on a model in a cylindrical tunnel of lights. Shading in clay

Give your model the look of clay by shading it with a low-specularity clay color.

Isophotes for surface flow

Display thin, sharp isophote lines to alert you to possible errors in your design.

Surface evaluation

Fine tune surfaces with analysis tools that offer instant numerical and graphical feedback on surface quality.

System Requirements

Autodesk® Alias® Design 2015, Autodesk® Alias® Surface 2015, Autodesk® Alias® Automotive 2015, and Autodesk® Alias® AutoStudio 2015  software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:

Operating system    

Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8 and Windows® 8.1 Professional operating system


CPU       2 GHz 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor

Graphics hardware   Supported NVIDIA® or ATI graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB dedicated texture memory.

RAM 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)

Disk space   

Free hard disk space required for installation:

Autodesk® Alias® AutoStudio: 10 GB

Autodesk® Alias® Automotive: 8 GB

Autodesk® Alias® Surface: 5 GB

Autodesk® Alias® Design : 5 GB

AutoCAD Alias Surface 2015 Full Perpetual License (This is full version software and is NOT academic or upgrade)

by Rick Olson
Date Added:  2017-05-18 09:11:23

" Already got it activated. This high version is easier to install and activate. And the directions attached in the e-mail are clear and understandable."

by robert miller
Date Added:  2017-06-29 04:36:15

" Can you imagine that I really get this great version at just $2499?! Besides, it is legal authorized! I’ve add this site to my favorite, it will be my first choice next time I want an AutoCAD software program."

by karl pettersson
Date Added:  2017-05-21 05:27:19

" I placed my order for this 2015 version after a long talk with the customer service Elina through Live Chat on the site. She patiently listened to me and soonly knew what I need. She needs a raise for her patience and understanding."

by gerard hoeksema
Date Added:  2017-07-05 04:33:39

" This site is worth trust, I’ve ordered one and it preforms as well as advertised"

by Michael Perini
Date Added:  2017-06-27 08:57:26

" It must be a pity to miss CAD software programs at such a low price. I didn’t miss, what are you guys who need one waiting for?"

by August Berkes
Date Added:  2017-05-01 03:59:42

" I’ve used alias series for a long time, from 2013 to 2015, but only this high version satisfies me, the enhanced profile tool, the enhanced ski tool, the compatibility, etc. I’ve recommend this to my friends who may need."

by Joshua Knight
Date Added:  2017-06-18 12:57:18

" Don’t forget to give the Tech and the assistants a commend because they are really helpful and they try every method possible to assist the installation and activation. Thank you, you nice guys."

by Denise Shepherd
Date Added:  2017-04-24 11:18:21

" Your Tech Roc is great! I was feeling desperate during activation of this software because there were some problems with my PC and then Roc showed up and helped me out with his expertise only in ten minutes! Roc, you are the best! "

by Denise Shepherd
Date Added:  2017-05-03 04:37:47

" Your Tech Roc is great! I was feeling desperate during activation of this software because there were some problems with my PC and then Roc showed up and helped me out with his expertise only in ten minutes! Roc, you are the best! "

by Bill Rankin
Date Added:  2017-05-20 11:11:53

" Get this installed and activated successfully with the directions sent to me in e-mails, thank you for your considerate service"

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