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Autodesk Maya 2015


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Product Description

Comprehensive 3D animation software

Maya® 3D animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing software offers a comprehensive creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering on a highly extensible production platform. Maya provides high-end character and effects toolsets along with increased productivity for modeling, texturing, and shader creation tasks.


Maya® 2015 software delivers powerful new toolsets for simulating and rendering photorealistic liquids; creating hair, fur, feathers, grass, and foliage; and skinning characters. In addition, support for Pixar’s OpenSubdiv libraries, enhanced polygon modeling and UV tools, and a new node-based visual shader editor help accelerate performance and increase productivity.

Dynamics & effects

Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform

Create photorealistic, dynamic simulation and rendering of liquids.

XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator

Generate curves, spheres, and custom geometry on the surface of polygon meshes to create fur, feathers, foliage, and more.

Bullet Physics

Create large-scale, highly realistic dynamic and kinematic simulations with the enhanced open-source Bullet plug-in delivered in conjunction with AMD.

3D animation

Geodesic Voxel Binding

Produce high-quality, production-ready bound characters in less time, with an innovative new skinning method.

3D modeling

Streamlined retopology toolset

More easily optimize meshes for cleaner deformations and better performance.

Polygon modeling

Enjoy more reliable and faster polygon modeling with better Booleans, enhanced beveling, and deeper integration of the Modeling Toolkit.

OpenSubdiv support

Get faster draw performance, displacement map visualization, and RenderMan matching for subdivision surfaces with support for OpenSubdiv libraries.

UV toolset

Quickly create and edit complex UV meshes, and get faster results when working with tiled texture sequences.

3D rendering & imaging


Easily create advanced HLSL, GLSL, and CgFX viewport shaders with the ShaderFX real-time visual shader editor.

Ptex support in mental ray

Render Ptex texture files in mental ray for Maya.

System Requirements

Autodesk® Maya® 2015 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:


Operating System    

Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8 and Windows® 8.1 Professional operating system

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.2 WS operating system

Fedora™ 14 Linux operating system

CentOS 6.2 Linux operating system


CPU       64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor

Graphics Hardware   Refer to the Recommended Hardware wizard for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards

RAM      4 GB of RAM (8GB recommended)

Disk Space   4GB of free disk space for install.

AutoCAD Maya 2015 Full Perpetual License (This is full version software and is NOT academic or upgrade)

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